Zantigo® – Fresh Ingredients and Exciting Mexican Flavors



Known in his village as “El Picante de Un” (The Spicy One), Zantigo was born with a gift. A gift for creating delicious Mexican food, prepared fast, at a reasonable price. By the age of six he had taken over the family kitchen, and before he could even ride a burro, Zantigo had created his masterpiece: 

the Chilito


Word spread of this culinary prodigy. Zantigo was hailed as a hero. Soon, people were traveling from distant villages to taste the Zantigo Chilito. They came bearing gifts. Fathers even offered their daughters’ hands in marriage.

But for Zantigo, it was never about rewards or praise. It was only about bringing tasty Mexican food to the people, and growing a fantastic mustache. Zantigo made up his mind that he had to leave his village. He escaped into the night, leaving behind this note:

My friends

My work here is done. You have embraced flavor! You have abolished blandness! But there are Others being held prisoner by flavorless, Processed tacos. And I cannot rest until they Have been emancipated by a Taco Burrito. Or perhaps a Chilito.

I don’t know where this journey will take me. But wherever I go, I will fight for flavor! I will Defend fresh ingredients! And I will ask if you want Ancho Fries with that, because they are delicious, And it is the right thing to do!


For years no one heard from Zantigo until, a thousand miles away, restaurants bearing the Zantigo name began popping up in the Midwest. The fresh ingredients, the signature dishes, the reasonable prices, the speedy service—they were all there.

Yet, you won’t find Zantigo in any restaurant bearing his name. He continues his crusade against blandness, tirelessly introducing deprived citizens of much needed flavor. Every new Zantigo restaurant that opens is a monument to the tireless dedication of this mustachioed flavor fighter. Join us in the name of flavor and good taste.

"Viva Zantigo! Champion of flavor!"